The Role of Art in The Cultural Life of The Mendes in Sierra Leone

The Mende ethnic society is located in the South Western part of Sierra Leone. The main occupation there is farming. The Mendes have organized themselves into kingdoms and autonomous villages and towns ruled by chiefs. The chiefs' exercised limited power because the secret societies there exercise greater authority over the political and social life of the people. The Mendes believed in God as the creator. They practiced magic and also believed in ancestors, animism, sorcery, and witchcraft.

The Mendes engaged in the production of various works of art. The visual art forms include sculpture, jewelry, body arts and textiles. The sculptural works include the Bundu masks, Sowie masks, Minsereh figures, and statuettes. The body arts included body painting, marks, and coiffure with various hairstyles. They engaged in weaving while the women spun the cotton threads, the men wove the fabrics on looms. They also engaged in verbal arts such as songs, dance, poetry, and storytelling. '

The Bundu masks and its parts refer to ideals of female beauty, morality, and behavior. It has a high broad forehead signifies wisdom and success. The neck ridges are signs of beauty, good health, and prosperity. It also symbolizes a moth chrysalis, the transformative stage in a butterfly's life from a worm to a flying creature that is similar to a young woman's initiation into womanhood. It also has an intricately woven or plaited hair that is the essence of harmony and order found in an ideal Mende household. A small closed mouth and downcast eyes indicate the silent and serious facial expression expected of new initiates. The surface of the mask is coated with a glistering black substance as a form of finishing. The masks symbolize the adult women's roles as wives, mothers, providers for the family, and keepers of medicine for use within the Sande association and the Mende association as a whole.

The Mendes also produced the Nomoli or Pomdo stone carvings, carved out of soapstone. The Mendes believe that the stones are the representations of the people who lived in the region before they came to the area and the people have a ceremony around the stones where they treat them as former chiefs and kings of the region.

These marvelous artistic creations were essential in undertaking the everyday life activities of the people. For example, the women wore the Bundu mask together with a costume of black raffia during the initiation rites of the females. The masks conceal them from the audience attending the performance. The women leaders who wear these masks dance to a song from drums during the initiation ceremony. They serve as priestesses and judges during the three years of the training. They serve as teachers and mentors helping the young girls with their transformation into educated and marriageable women. These masks are not discarded, but rather they are repaired and reused after each initiation ceremony. Also, the Nomoli figures were used for ancestral veneration. The Minsereh figures are used by the women prophetesses for healing and divination.

Therefore, the culture of the Mendes was cleverly and skillfully portrayed using the various forms of art. This shows that art is very paramount in the development of humans and as such is a powerful vehicle for unveiling the cultural life of ethnic societies and nations.

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Female Hair Loss Is It Real

Female hair loss impacts about twenty five percent of women. That is 1 out of every 5 women suffer from thinning hair. But the news media and cosmetic conglomerates are rather silent on the issue of female hair loss. The advertising campaigns aimed at the female population are all about keeping the long flowing hair beautiful. Their is a very limited number of ads on TV which deal with female hair loss as it is not considered as beautiful.

Why Am I Going Bald

Men and women share a common cause for hair loss. The condition is called androgenetic alopecia. The condition is hereditary and maybe communicated from generation to generation. There are other possible causes that include thyroid trouble, pregnancy or other medical conditions that upset the balance of the hormones in the body.

Donning severe hairstyles that drag the hair can induce hair loss. These hairstyles cut off the blood flow to the hair follicles and cause the hairline to recede. There are certain medicines that can cause hair loss. Diuretics, anti-depressants and cancer chemotherapy agent can cause temporary hair loss. If you are diabetic and consume medication for this it is also recognized to cause female hair loss. You might have a unknown medical condition which could be the root cause of female hair loss.

You shouldn’t panic when you notice the first signs of thinning hair. However, you ought to take action to forestall more thinning of your hair. First, ascertain what is causing your hair loss, is it a new diet or some pills you have started to take, perhaps you changed your shampoo . The answer may be as easy as changing a prescription or your hairstyle. When, you have located the cause of hairloss than the treatment for female hair loss will be more efficient .

Treatments For Hairloss

If androgenetic alopecia is the cause for your female hair loss than treatment are available for it. One of those treatments boosts the blood flow to your hair follicles and is known as minoxidil (Rogaine). This is not a miracle cure but does propose hope to women with a hair loss condition. The same male hormone testosterone and dihydrotestosterone is the cause of the thinning hair. The trouble here is that the androgens that are responsible for hair growth are blocked .

The intent of Minoxidil is to resume your hair growth process. This is one of the most popular medicines for male baldness. But, Minoxidil (Rogaine) can be employed by females. It will cost you no more than $50 per month. This product has been widely applied by women for female hair loss and has been found to slow down and, in some cases, even revert hair loss.

The female hair loss pattern is completely different from that of men. Unlike men who get a receding hairline women usually get thinning hair all over their head. If the hair is thinning in patches, the condition may be stimulated by an autoimmune disorder that inflames the hair follicles. A dermatologist can treat alopecia areata with a simple anti-inflammatory drug.

The first step in dealing with female hair loss is to determine what is inducing it. When, you have determined the potential cause of female hair loss than make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to get a cure

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