Latest Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles are simple and trendy. There are many ways men can style their hairs. Some of the factors like age, facial structure, clothing, and complexion greatly effects men’s haircut. Considering these factors men can choose from the huge selection of hairstyles.

Facial shape is the baseline of any hairstyle. Men can have various face shapes like oblong, square, oval, round, triangular, diamond and pear shapes. Depending on these facial shapes men can select the most flattering cut, trendy style and funky color for their hair.

Today, hairstyles for men can be long, short or medium textured with various different styles, curls or waves. Below are few of the latest men’s hairstyles. The latest trends in men’s short hairstyles can be short haircuts or super short cut with different styles. High and tight, fade, spikes, Caesar cut, clipper cut, burr, butch cut, crew cut and short taper are among the few popular short hairstyles for men.

For medium length hair cut also several hairstyles are up in the market. Some of these styles resemble the styles from the past with added texture, color and appearance. Some of the well known among them is graduation, medium layered, shag and classic taper.

Apart from short and medium length hair there are some men who also prefer keeping long hairs. Long hairstyles have become popular with the popularity of Ashton Kutcher with long, textured and disheveled hair. For styling long hairs men can also do pressing and apply light curls. With good care men’s long hairstyles can be attractive and appealing.

Today much emphasis is laid on guy’s hairstyles. Guys are more possessive and concern for their hair as compared to girls. Their hairstyle is the focus of media scrutiny as media has reflected versatile hairstyles for modern men.

With the upcoming technology, various techniques have come up for hair cutting and hair styling. Following are few of the techniques on how to cut men’s hair:

• Use clippers to trim hairs evenly.

• Cut hairs by pulling through your fingers vertically and not horizontally.

• Bend ear forward while trimming around it.

Men are now becoming smarter and smarter with their unique hair cuts [] and styles. They are moving along with fashion and using a range of hairstyles to look more attractive and trendy.

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Which Hairstyles Are Currently Trending In The UK?

Time was, men’s hairstyles could sometimes be considered a bit… well… boring. That may sound like sacrilege coming from a barbershop, but it is an unavoidable fact that men’s hairstyles were more conservative.

Time was, men’s hairstyles could sometimes be considered a bit… well… boring. That may sound like sacrilege coming from a barbershop, but it is an unavoidable fact that men’s hairstyles were more conservative. Luckily, that hasn’t been the case for a while, and today men seem to have more options than ever when it comes to styling the hair on their head.

We think the fact that nowadays, men are able to be a lot more expressive and diverse with their hairstyle is a great thing. Just take a look at some of the most popular haircuts right now to see what we are talking about:


Buzzcuts have been seeing resurgence in popularity over the past couple of years that currently shows no sign of slowing down. It is easy to see why buzzcuts are becoming popular again, as they are a versatile cut that looks great on a lot of people, and also require a minimum amount of upkeep.

An additional way to give your buzzcut a bit of variety and edge is to dye it a more unusual colour. Popular shades include bleached blond and even pastel pinks, greens and blues.

Bleached hair

In fact, regardless of if you have a buzzcut or not, brightly coloured hair is becoming more and more popular of late. One of the most common colours we see regardless of cut is bleached hair, as this can help to give a haircut a more lived in look, especially if you have a short back and sides cut where the top is bleached but the rest is left darker.

Longer hair

On the opposite end of the spectrum from buzzcuts, longer hairstyles have also been seeing a reurgance in popularity lately, as evidenced on celebrities like Jared Leto and Brad Pitt. This isn’t to say that men are going full Rapunzel these days. Instead a popular style is shoulder length hair that is kept neat and slicked back using pomade.

Messy looks

A lot of men recently seem to be opting for a messier, almost “bed head” style for cuts that have more length and layers to them. Be warned though, that while these looks may appear to be spontaneous, there is often actually a lot of work that has to go in behind the scenes to make it appear so effortless.

Facial hair

While it doesn’t seem like the recent trend for beards is going away any time soon, there are some changes with how men are wearing their facial hair. Though full on, lumberjack beards are still a common sight, a lot of men are instead opting for more restrained, shorter beards that are sharper with more shape. Additionally, designer stubble is becoming a more common sight once again, though this is quite a high maintenance style to maintain, especially if you prefer a barber take cair of your facial hair.

If this list has left you feeling out of date, visit Kensington Barbers if you feel like your hair could use some skilled attention.