How to Get 360 Waves Or Spinnas

With so much information on hair styles for men, it is hard to find information on hair styles for black men.

360 waves is a popular hair style for black men who like to keep a short hair style. This hair style is named after the wave pattern it creates and because of the way this hair style is made.

Not any man can have this hairstyle, 360 waves is a style specifically for the natural texture of black men's hair.

The style was discovered years back, when men noticed that by brushing the short hair, natural waves would form on the top of the head, this was called brush waves.

Today with the help of pomade and du rags you can perfect this hairstyle and learn how to get 360 waves look natural and professional.

The key in how to get 360 waves in your hair is to stick to your brushing and moisturizing schedule.

First off you should get a hair cut if needed because you can not get 360 waves with any type of long hair such as cornrows or braids. It is also more helpful if you get a fresh haircut as well.

As for materials you will need a du rag or stocking cap because this will help you protect your pattern and not let your time and effort go to waste.

You will also need a medium or soft style hair brush to brush the 360 ​​waves pattern, do not use a hard brush because you can damage your scalp.

And of course you will need a hair lotion or hair moisturizer to keep your scalp and hair healthy and clean.

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