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Whether you’re looking to try a new haircut, beard trim, hair colour, or luxury man spa, our highly skilled barbers are trained to provide top-notch consultation.
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Hair Cut

Our haircuts are lifetime experiences that are tailored to shape and accentuate

the modern man’s best features. Get ready to be pampered with a cut, wash, and hot towel treatment.

Beard & Shave

Bring your beard to the next level. Whether you are looking for a trim, shape-up, complete

shave, trendy shaves, or wet shaves, our team is here ready to help you step up your game face.

Facial & Wax

Men, you are allowed to pamper yourself with our luxurious spa treatments that will

definitely leave your skin feeling smooth and young. Choose between the traditional wax and threading, or level up with steam and scrub with a mask.

Hair Colour

Feeling grey lately? Pop into our barbershop and let's get that taken care of. We also offer

trendy or classic hair colour, and beard colour.

Our barbering services

Create a unique look that fits your lifestyle

Kensington Barbers offers appointments at convenient times. Simply browse our online booking system, pick a time that suits you, and we’ll do the rest!

Kensington Barbers Haircuts services

Our Services

Wash & Cut

This is best for scissors cut. Prior to getting your haircut, your barber will wash your hair with shampoo & conditioner to ensure that your hair is completely clean from hair products.

Enjoy a relaxing treatment at our barbershop and leave our shop looking like a brand new you!


starts from £30.00 · 45 minutes

Gents Cut

Stands for “dry” quick gents cut that includes clippers on back & sides with scissors cut. Hair wash will not be included in this service. 


starts from £27.00 · 30 minutes

Skin Fade

Skin Fade is very popular in our barbershop as it requires a very specific skill set.

A Skin Fade is any haircut that blends to the skin on the

sides meaning, it starts from a low zero number that includes foil shaver back and sides that fades up nicely with the rest of your hairstyle.

We encourage our clients to share a photo of their desired hairstyle. Our barbers are always helpful so be sure to ask for their advice.


starts from £27.00 · 45 minutes

Clipper Cut One Number all over (0-4)

It’s a buzz cut that doesn’t include fade or scissors trim that literally means one length cut (choose from zero to four).

It’s popular amongst servicemen, students, men with less hair, or those that prefer a clean natural look.


starts from £17.00 · 30 minutes

Students (University)

Receive special discounts for students age 14 up to University level for gent’s cut service.

You save £5 when you show your student ID. This doesn’t include other services like Skin Fade or Hair Wash.

Note: please bring your student ID with you when you book for this service. Without a student ID, you will be charged a full amount.


starts from £22.00 · 30 minutes

Children (Age 14 & under)

Bring your children to our friendly barbershop.

Our barbers have styled and trimmed hair for toddlers, kids, and teenagers.

There’s an add-on of £5 for skin fade hairstyles. 


starts from £17.00 · 30 minutes

Senior Citizen Cut (age 67+)

Special discounts are available for seasoned customers.

Enjoy a fresh cut, coffee, and chats with the gents at Kensington Barbers. 


starts from £18.00 · 30 minutes

Facial Steam Scrub & Mask

Pamper yourself with our facial steam scrub and mask. This service is great as it removes dead skin cells and promotes new skin growth.

We use L’Oréal men’s expert face scrub and other high-quality products.

Be sure to opt for this service at least twice a month to see the difference in your skin.


starts from £30.00 · 45 minutes

Beard Trim with Razor Finish

Enjoy a cut-throat razor lineup with beard trim at our barbershop.

Trimming a beard prevents flyaways, split ends, dryness, and dishevelment.

Get a shave with a straight razor in the hands of our expertly trained barber today.


starts from £16.00 · 30 minutes

Beard Trim

A beard without a shape is just hair protruding from the face.

Our barber will carefully trim your beard, properly define your neckline and shape it up however you please.


starts from £10.00 · 15 minutes

Hot Towel Wet Shave

Enjoy a luxurious hot towel wet shave – a modern way to shape and groom men’s beards.

This therapy is very effective and it is a great experience for men as it makes you feel fresh and clean.

Your skin will start to appear more attractive with this treatment as it promotes circulation, moisturises your skin, opens up the pores, soothes irritated skin and it’s absolutely relaxing.


starts from £25.00 · 30 minutes

Wax and threading

Our barber uses black wax as it is solid to remove facial and ear hair.

We also offer the traditional threading method for customers that prefer threading over waxing to remove and shape their brows. 


starts from £8.00 · 10 minutes

Hair Colour

We offer contemporary permanent hair colouring solutions at our barbershop for covering your grays and short hair highlights.

We use Wella hair colouring product as it is the leading hair product brand in the market.


starts from £45.00 · 45 minutes

Beard Colour

Feeling gray on your beard? Then, this is for you! We offer a permanent gray coverage solution for your beard.

We use the Wella hair colouring brand in our barbershop.


starts from £25.00 · 30 minutes


Hear from our customers

There is a distinction between a beauty salon and a hair salon and
although many small businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking to try a new haircut, beard trim, hair colour, or luxury man spa, our highly skilled barbers are trained to provide top-notch consultation.

Walk-ins are welcome but if you do not wish to wait, then it's always best to book your appointment online or call our shop at +44 207938 2552.

We try our best to stick to your time, however, please allow 10 minutes as some clients may require extra attention. We promise to deliver over and above services for all our clients.

Our barbers are happy to help you by offering free consultation. Be sure to bring a photo, or explain your needs with the barbers.

You can always pop in and consult with our barbers and arrange a time to book for your hair colouring. If we have availabilities, we can definitely fit you in immediately.

Our barbershop policy requires a student ID in order to receive your discount. You can always show us a photo of your student ID to redeem your discount.

Of course, call our barbershop or book your appointment with us via our online booking. You are also welcome to walk in and consult with our barbers.

Yes, we do sell e-gift cards. You can buy them online or at our Barber Shop. We are located in Kensington.

Get your e-gift card here.

Check your e-gift card balance.



Walid founded Kensington Barbers in 2009, prior to that, Walid owned and operated a barbershop in Beirut, Lebanon. Walid is passionate about making his customers happy through “one haircut at a time.” Walid enjoys grooming his customer whilst listening to their stories. In Walid’s own words, “barbering is a social school because it teaches you self-confidence and social skills as I communicate with my customers throughout my career.” Indeed, the community of Kensington finds joy sitting in Walid’s chair, knowing that he listens to you whilst giving you the first-class grooming service.

Walid’s favourite:
Walid enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Walid is a great chef at home as he finds joy in cooking, loves to travel, and enjoys watching sports at home.

Kensington Barbers is well known for its top-notch services and celebrity haircuts, often gets recommended by clients all around the world. If you happen to visit Kensington, pop in and say hi to Walid and his friendly barbers.