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Kensington Barbers is a traditional barber shop which offers classic and contemporary haircuts with great service, value and prices in Kensington London W8 6EA.

In addition to our array of men’s haircuts, Kensington Barbers sells an assortment of high quality hair care products.

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  • So far the best haircut I have ever had is in the Kensington Barbers! It feels good knowing that I have finally found a barber who can make me look and feel my best.

    Dev Spencer
  • I am frequently getting my haircuts in Kensington Barbers. Trust me, these guys are simply awesome. They know what they are doing. Everytime I get my haircut, it gives me a refreshing charming look.

    Adam Wayne

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Hairstyles When Losing Your Hair

We’re the leading barber in Kensington and, as such, we see hairstyles of pretty much every shape style, colour and type. We like to think that there’s no challenge we’re


Mullet that Caused a Court Case

As the best barbershop in Kensington, we’re used to people walking out of our premises with their head held high and an extra spring in their step. That’s because