Hair fibres are the Solution for Thinning Hair

Feb 24

Have you been feeling slightly in despair as your hair is no longer the same as it was when you were in the 20s? While hair loss can occur for several reasons such as, genetics, age, lifestyle, and stress being the most common ones – It can still be distressing to notice hair thinning. There are immediate ways to cure hair loss by consulting a Hair Transplant doctor than can cost your over £10,000, which can be quite expensive if you have to undergo this process a few times in your life. The alternate method is by wearing a hair wig which is popular amogst men if you are facing complete baldness where hair transplant may no longer be a solution anymore.


Fortunately, there’s another solution for men that are facing hair thinning. Note, this may not apply to those that are already experience complete balding. If you haven’t heard of hair fibres, you are on a treat! Hair fibre is extremely popular amogst men and women who are experiencing hair thinning issues. Hair fibres will not only enhance the look of your hair but will also build your confidence. Hair fibres can also be used to give a final touch to your hairstyle or just to fill in the part lines.

What are hair fibres?

In the past few years, hair experts and product development teams have worked hard to develop an easy-to-use, innovative, and natural-looking solution to hair loss. Hair fibre is undoubtedly one of their most favourite solutions.


Hair fibres are lightweight and tiny fibres made of keratin protein – the same keratin protein found in your strands. These tiny fibres will stick to your scalp, masking up the bald spots and giving a more enhanced look to your hair.


However, not all hair fibres are of good quality. Many hair fibre sprays in the market are formulated with poor ingredients such as nails, fish bones, and hooves. Therefore, you must invest in a high-quality hair fibre product for a more realistic and undetectable appearance.

Best Hair fibres for Thinning Hair

Toppik Hair Building Fibres

Toppik is undoubtedly the most popular brand in the hair fibre industry. Due to its huge popularity, it has successfully gained both Amazon’s choice and Amazon’s Premium classifications.

Toppik Hair Building Fibres

These high-quality keratin fibres will intertwine well with your real hair to give you a more realistic and fuller look. Furthermore, the hair fibres are not affected by sweat, rain or wind, making it a perfect choice for daily use.


You can apply the product anytime and remove it later using shampoo. Also, it can be the perfect hair concealer for covering colour treated hair or grey hair.



  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Available in many shades
  • It does not move or rub off



  • Might need hairstylist or barber’s help for hairline use


FEBRON Hair fibres

If you have a sensitive scalp, you must be quite hesitant to use products that contain harsh chemicals. However, FEBRON is the best hair product for sensitive skin people as it is natural and free of any harsh chemicals.

FEBRON Hair fibres

Also, it has a lightweight and clump-free formula that will look and feel like your natural hair. The best part of FEBRON hair fibres is that it completely goes undetected in front of a camera or flashlights, making them a perfect product for actors, models and singers.


The fibres will last all day long regardless of weather or temperature conditions. Therefore, it is a hassle-free solution for people hesitant to get an expensive hair loss treatment.


  • Waterproof and ultra-light formula
  • Free of harsh chemicals, parabens, or alcohol
  • It gives a realistic and undetectable appearance


  • It might leave residue behind, especially on pillows

Cuvva Hair Building Fibres

Do you want to make your hair look healthier and thicker? Cuvva hair building fibres will not only cover all the bald patches but will also make your hair look shiny. Also, these fibres look so natural and undetectable that they can easily become your go-to hair fibre product.

Cuvva Hair Building Fibres

Furthermore, these hair fibres will stay unaffected even in windy and rainy climatic conditions.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Available in different shades
  • Instant coverage and volume
  • Natural-looking hair fibres


  • Some people may find it flaky

Hair Illusion Hair fibres

It can be quite frustrating when hair fibres rub off on clothes or pillows. However, with Hair illusion fibres, you can be assured that they will not leave any residue behind. Also, they are not flaky at all.

Hair Illusion Hair fibres

The fibres are 100% natural, making your hair look thick and healthier than ever before. Therefore, if you are not quite fond of chemicalized fibres, you must give Hair illusion fibres a try. Many people struggling with hair thinning have found it excellent in concealing bald spots or patches.


If that is not enough, Amazon’s choice label will be a safe guarantee for you. Besides being a premium quality product, the fibres will not clog the scalp and hair follicles, resulting in shiny and healthy hair.


Of course, you don’t want to damage more of your strands in the process of hiding bald spots.



  • 100% natural fibres
  • It lasts all day long
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Easy application



  • This container of hair fibres serves a scarce amount. Therefore, you may need to get two or three at a time.

5 Tips on how to apply hair fibres in the best possible way

Let’s find out how to apply the hair fibres perfectly and get the best results. After all, even the best product will not work for you if you apply it inappropriately.

Always apply hair fibres on dry hair

According to many hairstyling experts, hair fibres should always be applied to dry hair to prevent them from clumping together. Moreover, hair fibres will adhere well to dry hair, making the hair look more realistic.

Shake the bottle before application

You might have heard the term “Shake before use” quite frequently. However, for hair fibres, shaking the bottle before use is quite necessary as it will allow the hair fibres to charge and adhere well to natural hair.

Shake on large areas

Do you want to mask a large bald patch? Shake the bottle gently to let the hair fibres pass through the sieve and rest on the hair. However, if you apply too much, it will end up looking unnatural.


Here is the link for the Weekly Task report.

Nebulize to cover specific areas

To cover small bald spots, use the hair fibre applicator specifically designed to apply hair fibres on areas such as hairline, central line, or thinning of the temples.




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