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These days men are just as conscious about their hair as women are, and as such there are plenty of stylish mens hair styles that are meant to work with their facial features and personal style preferences.

A few decades ago not much thought was given to the hair styles that men wore, but today there is a large amount of thought put into it. Mens hair styles have come a long way over the past decade, and the modern man wants to look his best for both work and play. While in the bast barbershops were the place for men to go to get their hair cut, many of them today now go to mens speciality hair stylists to get the look that they want.

Both short and medium styles are popular for men, with the former being the slightly more preferred of the two.

The swept up style is especially popular, and can be found in several different varieties. This is a short style with the hair swept up in a variety of directions and held up with gel, styling mousse, or wax. This is a very modern look and is very popular with younger men. A popular addition to this look is having the tips highlighted to give the hair an even more youthful look.

Very short mens hair styles are popular as well. While not quite as short as a bowl cut, these types of hairstyles have a little hair left over in order to brush to the front or to the back. Depending on the amount of hair that is left, it can either look shaggy or extremely clean cut. This is a more conservative look than those that are swept up, and provide a great alternative to the above.

Longer hair lengths are also favorable and depending hair type, the sky can be the limit. If a man does not have thick hair, he can crop it to medium-length and have it layered. This is best for medium or thick hair because it will not be too wispy — with thin hair it is best to stock to any unlayered variations. Having the style cropped up shorter near the face is also popular, with it longer as it progressively goes back.

These are just a few examples of today’s popular hairstyles for men. Within these small examples there are dozens of varieties, and then past those there are several as well. The world of hair fashion and care is no longer just a woman’s world, and mens hair styles are being paid more attention to than ever.

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Apres Hair Transplant – How to Style Your Hair: A Brief Overview of Men's Hairstyles

Hair loss affects more than 35 million men in the United States. Let's face it … We're all obsessed with our hair.

Whether it's 'long, straight, curly, fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty, oily, greasy, fleecy, shining, gleaming, streaming … or spaghettied,' we all want it.

Hair loss can damage our self-esteem, confidence and relationships.

The pursuit of hair is an eternal quest, spanning gender, age and social status.

Once you've got it, here are some ways to style it.

Men's Changing Hairstyles Over the Years

In the 1950s, Elvis burst on the scene as a music and style icon and movie idol matinees such as Tony Curtis set the tone for clothes, fashion, hair and good looks.

Both Elvis Presley and Tony Curtis had their black hair slicked back in a 'ducktail,' or DA (for duck's arse). Hair from the sides of the head were combed and greased back with Brylcreem, meeting in the back in a look resembling a duck's arse and giving rise to the rebellious teens known as 'greasers.'

John Travolta was the quintessential greaser as Danny Zuko in – what else? – the Broadway show and movie Grease.

Also popular in the 1950s was the men's pompadour – hair styled high in the front and named for Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV. Ricky Nelson, 1950s teenage heartthrob, had one.

More recently, Silvio Dante on the Sopranos had a pompadour and to a lesser extent, so does Conan O'Brien, former host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

When the Beatles came to America in 1965, Beatlemania was unleashed bringing new trends and styles, including Beatle boots and Beatlecuts – or long, mop-top ear-length hair with bangs. It was all the rage and became a sign of social non-conformity.

In the 1960s, black men (and women) grew afros and declared "black is beautiful."

Afros gave way to dreadlocks in the 1970s popularized by Bob Marley and to Jheri curls. Think Samuel L. Jackson in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction.

The ubiquitous shag was everywhere in the 70s. Popularized by rockers such as Rod Stewart, the style was 'unisex,' worn by both men and women.

The best known woman with a shag was Farah Fawcett. Who can forget her iconic poster in the red one-piece bathing suit?

Punk rock brought Mohawks and spiked jewelry.

Nikki Sixx and Bon Jovi epitomized the big hair of the 1980s.

Fast forward to the 1990s. Men's hair is shorter. Head-shaving, as a way of dealing with male pattern baldnes is on trend, popularized by sports figures Michael Jordan and Andrà © Agassi as well as actor Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

Currently, the Emo, is en vogue, worn by both Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert, the American Idol runner-up. The style is layered, spiked and brushed forward toward the face, sometimes with punches of bright colors, like pink or green.

Whatever style you choose, there are some to avoid.

Think Duane "Dog" Chapman – and his straggly bullet – and the ubiquitous comb over, used to disguise hair loss, worn by celebrities such as Donald Trump, John McCain and even Homer Simpson.

The less said about these styles, the better.

Your hair should enhance your looks – style it wisely.

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5 Cool Hairstyles For Men

Who said that you need to have a rugged look in order to look manly? If you are a man and you need to have a great hairstyle, here are some of the cool styles that you should consider going for:

Caesar Cut

This is a popular cut where you cut the hair short on the sides, but leave longer hair on the top of the head. The good thing with this style is that it’s easy to maintain; therefore, if you are a busy man, you will have a very easy time maintaining it.

The style also makes your hair very easy to spike using a cream or styling gel. You can achieve the spiked look within a very short time and the look will stay in place the entire day with little or no maintenance.

Brushed Up

It’s similar to the Caesar cut only that the hair that you leave is a little bit longer. If you have great hair and you want it to be easy to take care of, this is your style. As mentioned, you will have a very easy time maintaining the hair using a pomade or gel. The good thing is that the style is ideal for both casual and official occasions.

Side pompadour

Do you want a unique look? This is your style. The cool thing is that the style is ideal for hair of different lengths. To keep the style in place you should use pomade.

Side Part

This is a sexy style that is ideal for you if you have long hair that you can easily sweep over. While you need to have long hair in order to achieve an ideal look, you should note that you will be able to achieve your look within a very short time. All you need to do is to part your hair on the side of the head and then sweep it over to one side. You can go with the right or left part.


There are many variations of this style that you can go with. For example, you can go with the fade, choppy side part or any other style that you find ideal for you.


These are some of the best hairstyles for you as a man. All you need to do is to choose the one that looks good on you. For ideal results you should ensure your hair is done by a professional barber.

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Latest Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyles are simple and trendy. There are many ways men can style their hairs. Some of the factors like age, facial structure, clothing, and complexion greatly effects men’s haircut. Considering these factors men can choose from the huge selection of hairstyles.

Facial shape is the baseline of any hairstyle. Men can have various face shapes like oblong, square, oval, round, triangular, diamond and pear shapes. Depending on these facial shapes men can select the most flattering cut, trendy style and funky color for their hair.

Today, hairstyles for men can be long, short or medium textured with various different styles, curls or waves. Below are few of the latest men’s hairstyles. The latest trends in men’s short hairstyles can be short haircuts or super short cut with different styles. High and tight, fade, spikes, Caesar cut, clipper cut, burr, butch cut, crew cut and short taper are among the few popular short hairstyles for men.

For medium length hair cut also several hairstyles are up in the market. Some of these styles resemble the styles from the past with added texture, color and appearance. Some of the well known among them is graduation, medium layered, shag and classic taper.

Apart from short and medium length hair there are some men who also prefer keeping long hairs. Long hairstyles have become popular with the popularity of Ashton Kutcher with long, textured and disheveled hair. For styling long hairs men can also do pressing and apply light curls. With good care men’s long hairstyles can be attractive and appealing.

Today much emphasis is laid on guy’s hairstyles. Guys are more possessive and concern for their hair as compared to girls. Their hairstyle is the focus of media scrutiny as media has reflected versatile hairstyles for modern men.

With the upcoming technology, various techniques have come up for hair cutting and hair styling. Following are few of the techniques on how to cut men’s hair:

• Use clippers to trim hairs evenly.

• Cut hairs by pulling through your fingers vertically and not horizontally.

• Bend ear forward while trimming around it.

Men are now becoming smarter and smarter with their unique hair cuts [] and styles. They are moving along with fashion and using a range of hairstyles to look more attractive and trendy.

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Which Hairstyles Are Currently Trending In The UK?

Time was, men’s hairstyles could sometimes be considered a bit… well… boring. That may sound like sacrilege coming from a barbershop, but it is an unavoidable fact that men’s hairstyles were more conservative.

Time was, men’s hairstyles could sometimes be considered a bit… well… boring. That may sound like sacrilege coming from a barbershop, but it is an unavoidable fact that men’s hairstyles were more conservative. Luckily, that hasn’t been the case for a while, and today men seem to have more options than ever when it comes to styling the hair on their head.

We think the fact that nowadays, men are able to be a lot more expressive and diverse with their hairstyle is a great thing. Just take a look at some of the most popular haircuts right now to see what we are talking about:


Buzzcuts have been seeing resurgence in popularity over the past couple of years that currently shows no sign of slowing down. It is easy to see why buzzcuts are becoming popular again, as they are a versatile cut that looks great on a lot of people, and also require a minimum amount of upkeep.

An additional way to give your buzzcut a bit of variety and edge is to dye it a more unusual colour. Popular shades include bleached blond and even pastel pinks, greens and blues.

Bleached hair

In fact, regardless of if you have a buzzcut or not, brightly coloured hair is becoming more and more popular of late. One of the most common colours we see regardless of cut is bleached hair, as this can help to give a haircut a more lived in look, especially if you have a short back and sides cut where the top is bleached but the rest is left darker.

Longer hair

On the opposite end of the spectrum from buzzcuts, longer hairstyles have also been seeing a reurgance in popularity lately, as evidenced on celebrities like Jared Leto and Brad Pitt. This isn’t to say that men are going full Rapunzel these days. Instead a popular style is shoulder length hair that is kept neat and slicked back using pomade.

Messy looks

A lot of men recently seem to be opting for a messier, almost “bed head” style for cuts that have more length and layers to them. Be warned though, that while these looks may appear to be spontaneous, there is often actually a lot of work that has to go in behind the scenes to make it appear so effortless.

Facial hair

While it doesn’t seem like the recent trend for beards is going away any time soon, there are some changes with how men are wearing their facial hair. Though full on, lumberjack beards are still a common sight, a lot of men are instead opting for more restrained, shorter beards that are sharper with more shape. Additionally, designer stubble is becoming a more common sight once again, though this is quite a high maintenance style to maintain, especially if you prefer a barber take cair of your facial hair.

If this list has left you feeling out of date, visit Kensington Barbers if you feel like your hair could use some skilled attention.

What Is The Best Way To Clean And Look After My Beard?

It is fair to say that, when many of us decided to grow a beard for the first time, we assumed that we could simply stop shaving, and that nature would take care of the rest.

It is fair to say that, when many of us decided to grow a beard for the first time, we assumed that we could simply stop shaving, and that nature would take care of the rest.

In reality, growing and maintaining a beard that looks and feels healthy actually takes quite a bit more work than that.

Here at Kensington Barbers, we are dedicated to making sure that all your beards are cared for as best as they can, so we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to do to clean and look after your beard properly:

Use a special beard shampoo

If you think there is no difference between the shampoo you use on your hair, and the shampoo you should use on your beard, let us tell you now: you’re wrong.

Using a specially formulated beard shampoo is vital in keeping your beard clean and tidy. By using a beard shampoo, you make sure it is designed for its use and won’t do any damage to your facial hair, something which cannot be guaranteed with regular shampoos.

Washing your beard with shampoo no more than a couple of times a week should be enough to help keep it healthy.

Embrace beard oil

Using beard oil after you shower is a great way to give your beard a healthy looking sheen. Beard oil works by moisturizing, hydrating and nurturing your beard as well as the skin underneath it. Not only that, but beard oil can also help to style your beard, helping to tame the wild beast growing on your face.

Remember to always go for natural oil that doesn’t contain any silicone, as this may make your beard look shiny but doesn’t actually offer you any benefits.

Comb after washing

Combing your beard should become second nature to you, and should be an activity that you repeat every day. Combing your beard straight after it has been washed will make sure that you have the easiest time of doing it.

When it comes to the type of comb or brush you use, ones made of metal or wood are recommended over plastic ones.

Combing your beard helps it stay tidy and can also help it grow out into the direction you want.

Trim regularly

Nobody’s beard is going to grow out perfectly straight away. This is why it is important that you trim your beard, cheek and neckline, to help keep your beard in check and keep it growing in the style you prefer.

Visit a barber

It is important to put yourself in the hands of a professional every now and again. This is why we recommended that you periodically let your barber trim and service your beard. Not only will a skilled barber be able to give your beard a fresher, sharper look than you’d be able to achieve by yourself at home, but they can also give you more advice with regards to how grow the kind of beard you want.

Why You Should Be Conditioning Your Hair

Let’s be honest, when it comes to looking after your hair, most of you reading this probably don’t put as much effort into it as you ideally would. With only so many hours in a day, concessions have to be made somewhere.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to looking after your hair, most of you reading this probably don’t put as much effort into it as you ideally would. With only so many hours in a day, concessions have to be made somewhere.

Now, maybe it has something to do with being a dedicated barbershop, but we think that skimping on your hair regime is a mistake we cannot allow you to go on making.

At the very least, we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t stop at shampooing, and why you should be conditioning your hair.

The first clue to why you should be conditioning your hair is in the name: conditioner. Conditioner adds nutrients into your hair, improving its condition.

If, at the moment, you just shampoo your hair every day, you should really consider starting to condition as well. This is because, although shampoo does work well cleaning your hair, over time it strips more and more natural oils and nutrients out of your hair. Further factors like brushing and drying your hair, and exposing to outside elements, serve to further damage your hair and deplete its protective oils and nutrients.

This can lead to your hair looking dull, lifeless and damaged, and this is where conditioner comes into play.  If you were to look at your hair under the microscope, it will look like it is covered in interlocking scales or flakes. These flakes are actually dead skin cells that lock together to form a cuticle layer, which protects the more fragile strands of hair within. When your hair gets damaged, these scales won’t be laying tightly against each other, exposing the fragile inner strands to damage and leaving your hair looking frayed and damaged.

All conditioners contain small amounts of catatonic surfactants and acids, and it is this acid which encourages the flakes to lay flat and tight against each other, once again protecting your hair and leaving it looking glossier and healthier.

When it comes to how often you should condition, the answer can vary from a few times a week to every day, depending on your hair. If, for example you find that you hair is naturally quite thin, or tends to get greasy fairly easily, then you should condition your hair once every other or once every three days. If, however, your hair is of the thicket variety, then feel free to condition every time you shower.

When you’re shopping for conditioner, you should always look for ones that contain mainly – preferably only – natural ingredients. These may cost more money, but there is a simple reason for that: they work better. Try to avoid 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bottles as well, as what you gain in convenience you tend to lose in quality.

So, if you think your hair is in need of some TLC, just reach for that bottle of conditioner, or, if it needs that extra bit of attention, pop in to Kensington Barbers today!

How Have Beards Gotten To Be So Popular?

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re sure to have noticed one fashion trend for men that almost every man in the country has hopped on board with: beards!

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re sure to have noticed one fashion trend for men that almost every man in the country has hopped on board with: beards!

Yes, from hipster beards to designer stubble, it seems that if you walk down a busy high street, you’ll probably see a lot more men with some form of facial hair than you will men who are completely clean shaven.

So, how did this all happen? Well, there of course always have been men who have worn their beard with pride whether it is viewed as trendy or not, but we’re talking about the cultural trend for facial hair.

It is also important to note that the current trend for beards and facial hair is really nothing new. All fashion trends are cyclical in nature, and as time goes by trends come and go time and again.

The last time beards saw a cultural boom in popularity was probably in the 1960s and early 1970s, thanks to the influence of the Beatles growing beards and later the rise of hippie counterculture.

Of course, if you go right back to the beginning of human civilization, beards were much more functional, if not crucial to our survival, as they helped us keep warm when the weather turned cold, in the dark days before central heating or scarves had been invented.

Like all great mysteries in life, nobody knows exactly why and when the current trend for facial hair began, but everyone has their own theories. Whilst most can agree that facial hair started becoming more and more common from about 2010 onwards, some attribute this to the influence of Hollywood celebrities who ditched the razor like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, others site “the rise of the hipsters” and their penchant for ironically oversized or over sculpted beards.

Whatever the root, beards soon became a trendy then, like most upward trends, it’s influence steadily grew as more and more men grew beards, until the facial hair boom was tipped to have reached “peak saturation” in 2013.

When most trends reach a level of peak saturation, it’s just a short time later that they take a steep dive back into obscurity, as beards did in the 1970s the last time they were so trendy.

However, the popularity of beards didn’t waver, and as 2018 continues forward there are no signs yet that anything has changed.

Does this mean beards will simply continue to maintain such a high level of popularity for the rest of time? Most definitely not. At some point in the future, being cleanly shaven will once again become “the done thing,” though there will still be those of us who choose to keep rocking our beard, no matter what.

So, whether you want to go for a completely clean shaven look, or are just after a trim and a neatening up, stop by Kensington Barbers and let one of our beard experts look after you.

Why You Should Let A Barber Trim Your Facial Hair

Here at Kensington Barbers, we are passionate about the artistry and the history of the barber shop.

Here at Kensington Barbers, we are passionate about the artistry and the history of the barber shop.

One thing we have noticed, however, is that while more and more men are happily spending extra time and money to make sure they get a high quality haircut, the number of men happy to let a barber look after their facial hair is considerably smaller.

This seems like a massive mistake to us. Most of you would never cut the hair on top of your head yourself, instead trusting in the skill of a professional – so why should you trwat your facial hair differently?

But before we tell you why you should be letting your barber trim your facial hair, let’s first take a quick look at the long history of barbershops.

At the height of the barbershop’s popularity from the late 19th to the early 20th century, they were more than just places to get your hair cut. Barbershops were places men would visit to socialise with one and other, rivalling the popularity of pubs and taverns.

Just think about how many times you’ve seen barbershops used in films and TV shows as a place for men to bond or repair damaged relationships.

Nowadays, we are also starting to see some of that same social aspect work its way back into barbers, as more and more shops are adding features like coffee makers, miniature sweet shops and even micro golf in some extreme cases.

So, here’s why you should definitely consider letting a barber trim your facial hair the next time you are getting a haircut:

Get a professional’s input

As we’ve already said, a professional is always going to do a better job than an untrained layman. So, having a barber trim your facial hair means you will get a professional, clean cut to a degree that you could never achieve by yourself at home.

Keep up to date with styles

If you always trim your facial hair yourself, it can be easy to fall into a pattern and always cut your hair the same way, time after time, for years on end. One benefit of the social nature of barbershops is that you are able to interact with others and see what different styles are popular at the moment. You’ll also be more open to trying new styles of facial hair you wouldn’t know how to style by yourself.

Avoid the mess

Anyone who has tried to shave or trim a decent sized beard in their own bathroom knows one thing for sure: it makes a giant mess. Hair clogs up your razor and your sink and no matter how tidy you try to be, stray hairs seem to make their way onto every surface in the room, and you’ll find yourself cleaning them away for days afterwards.

All of this hassle is avoided by visiting a professional to get your beard trimmed. Not only will your face look great, you’ll avoid having to perform any clean up.

Treat. Yo. Self.

At the end of the day, one of the best reasons to let a barber look after your facial hair is just to do it as a treat for yourself. You deserve a little pampering and luxury, after all.

So, if we’ve inspired you, why not come on down to Kensington Barbers for a haircut and a shave today!

Trimming And Styling For Christmas

As Christmas quickly approaches, many of you may be considering visiting the barbers for a quick trim and styling so that you are looking your best for all the festivities to come. If you are feeling this way, then you aren’t alone, as Christmas Eve is, in fact, one of the most popular days of the year for men to visit their barbers.

As Christmas quickly approaches, many of you may be considering visiting the barbers for a quick trim and styling so that you are looking your best for all the festivities to come. If you are feeling this way, then you aren’t alone, as Christmas Eve is, in fact, one of the most popular days of the year for men to visit their barbers.

So, if you are looking to switch up your style, have a look at our top tips for how to spruce up your look for the Christmas period:

For many of us, the Christmas period brings with it the need to spruce up for a classy Christmas event. Whether you have to go to a fancy office party or new year’s eve event, or you just want to look your best to impress visiting relatives and want a black tie hairstyle to match, then there are several little touches you can make to your hair that are as classic as they are stylish.

Firstly, consider getting a trim just to freshen up your look. Particularly if you haven’t been for a haircut in a while, then this is a great way to make yourself look smarter without having to make any drastic changes.

To give your hair a sharp and tidy look, ask your barber to give you a hard part. Hard parts can be great way to add definition to a short sides and long top cut, and can make almost any haircut look refreshingly modern.

Festive beards

If you are a guy with a pronounced beard looking to make a big splash at any parties you attend this season, then we have a few festive choices that might be right up your street.

The glitter beard: This one is fairly self-explanatory; simply coat your beard in beard oil, then glitter of any colour – though red and green seem particularly festive – and voila! You’ve got yourself a festive style that can be seen from miles away. Just be prepared to find glitter on all your belongings for a good long while afterwards.

The light up beard: Have you ever been told you light up any room you walk into? Try out this festive look and you soon will be!  Simply thread a set of Christmas lights through your beard to achieve this far out festive look. The most important thing to remember for this look is to find the kind of lights that don’t heat up – very important if you don’t want your beard to catch fire.

The Christmas tree beard: If attaching lights to your beard seems like a bit of a crazy thing to do, instead consider attaching decorations like small baubles and candy canes to your facial hair using bobby pins to create a miniature Christmas tree you can take anywhere you go. To go the extra mile, you can even tint your beard green to give it that extra realistic Christmas tree look.

You may have seen these types of festive beards now and again over the past couple of years, but they’ve been tipped to make a big impression this year.