How Have Beards Gotten To Be So Popular?

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re sure to have noticed one fashion trend for men that almost every man in the country has hopped on board with: beards!

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re sure to have noticed one fashion trend for men that almost every man in the country has hopped on board with: beards!

Yes, from hipster beards to designer stubble, it seems that if you walk down a busy high street, you’ll probably see a lot more men with some form of facial hair than you will men who are completely clean shaven.

So, how did this all happen? Well, there of course always have been men who have worn their beard with pride whether it is viewed as trendy or not, but we’re talking about the cultural trend for facial hair.

It is also important to note that the current trend for beards and facial hair is really nothing new. All fashion trends are cyclical in nature, and as time goes by trends come and go time and again.

The last time beards saw a cultural boom in popularity was probably in the 1960s and early 1970s, thanks to the influence of the Beatles growing beards and later the rise of hippie counterculture.

Of course, if you go right back to the beginning of human civilization, beards were much more functional, if not crucial to our survival, as they helped us keep warm when the weather turned cold, in the dark days before central heating or scarves had been invented.

Like all great mysteries in life, nobody knows exactly why and when the current trend for facial hair began, but everyone has their own theories. Whilst most can agree that facial hair started becoming more and more common from about 2010 onwards, some attribute this to the influence of Hollywood celebrities who ditched the razor like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, others site “the rise of the hipsters” and their penchant for ironically oversized or over sculpted beards.

Whatever the root, beards soon became a trendy then, like most upward trends, it’s influence steadily grew as more and more men grew beards, until the facial hair boom was tipped to have reached “peak saturation” in 2013.

When most trends reach a level of peak saturation, it’s just a short time later that they take a steep dive back into obscurity, as beards did in the 1970s the last time they were so trendy.

However, the popularity of beards didn’t waver, and as 2018 continues forward there are no signs yet that anything has changed.

Does this mean beards will simply continue to maintain such a high level of popularity for the rest of time? Most definitely not. At some point in the future, being cleanly shaven will once again become “the done thing,” though there will still be those of us who choose to keep rocking our beard, no matter what.

So, whether you want to go for a completely clean shaven look, or are just after a trim and a neatening up, stop by Kensington Barbers and let one of our beard experts look after you.

The Mullet that Caused a Court Case

The Mullet that Caused a Court Case

As the best barbershop in Kensington, we’re used to people walking out of our premises with their head held high and an extra spring in their step. That’s because, if you want a men’s haircut in Kensington which is going to make you look stylish, smart and, above all, well groomed, then our hair salon for men is the only place to visit.

We’re fully aware, however, that not all hair salon customers are quite so lucky. All too often, we’re called upon to repair the damage wreaked upon a poor individuals’ hair by a less than talented barber, and the history of men’s fashion is littered with examples of haircuts which might once have seemed stylish and daring but which, not long after the scissors and trimmers had finished their work, looked frankly little better than ridiculous.

You’ve probably got your own favourite example of a bad men’s haircut; the curly perm, the George Michael bouffant or the ‘Flock of Seagulls’ style mega-fringe. Indeed, when Donald Trump is the President elect of the USA, it seems it would be foolish to assume that, in this age of the metrosexual, bad hairstyles are a thing of the past. There is one bad cut that stands head and shoulders, almost literally, above all other, however, and that is the mullet. We can all probably think of our favourite ‘short on the top, long at the back’ merchant, and in many cases they would be a midfielder from a 1980’s football team, or perhaps Andre Agassi.

Few mullets can have been so extreme that they actually led to a court case, however, but that was recently the case for an Australian gentleman by the name of Ali Ziggi Mossimani. Mr Mossimani was photographed at an 18th birthday party in Sydney last year, sporting what can only be described as a somewhat extreme mullet. We’re not here to pass judgement, of course, and people are free to sport whatever haircut they choose, but the pictures became something of an ‘internet sensation’, prompting thousands of comments on social media and being converted into the dreaded meme. When this was reported by the media, Mr Mossimani launched a deformation claim against The Daily Mail Australia, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and the Australian Radio Network, saying that their reports of what must surely be referred to as ‘mullet-gate’ had “exposed himself to ridicule by the public”.

Did this put an end to the matter and relieve Mr Mossimani from the stress and ridicule? Unfortunately not, as it led to even more coverage in Australia and also in other countries, a phenomenon dubbed ‘the Streisand effect’ by the judge handling the case, Judge Gibson. This refers to an attempt made by Barbara Streisand in 2003 to ban publication of images of her Malibu mansion. The attempt failed, and the result was that the images became much more widely circulated than would otherwise have been the case.

Although the case, at the time of writing, is continuing, the judge has asked Mr Mossimani to amend his claim, and the moral of the story seems to be clear; if you’re going to be brave enough to sport a full blown mullet in 2016, then you’ll have to be brave enough to put up with the comments that people make. If you don’t think you can handle that, then pay a visit to the best barbers in Kensington, and we’ll sort it out for you.