8 Fresh Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

Apr 24

Nowadays, it is quite hard to avoid reading, seeing, and hearing about the taper fade. This popular hairstyle for men, with all its variations, can be seen everywhere. Believe it or not, taper fade haircut has become a universal cut, worn by bankers to lawyers, actors, singers, and even doctors.


The taper fade haircut is undoubtedly one of the most popular haircuts for men, offering a masculine yet clean look that is perfect for all casual and professional situations. Whether you want a low, mid, high, or bald taper fade haircut, faded haircuts have something to offer to every man.


Also, taper fade haircut is one of the most versatile haircuts thanks to its timeless longer hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides style. It will suit every face shape no matter round, oval or square. A taper fade haircut will make you look effortlessly elegant and clean at all times.

8 Best Taper Fade Haircuts for Men that are trending in 2021

Before you ask your barber or hairstylist for a  fade haircut, it is important to understand what a taper fade haircut is and how it will compliment your looks.  To give you a taper fade haircut, your barber will have to use clippers to trim and blend your hair gradually shorter as it goes down the side of your head.


If you are quite fond of short haircuts for men, you will enjoy a taper fade haircut. A taper fade haircut looks good with sides short and long hair at the top regardless of hair color and texture.


To inspire your next haircut, some of the best taper fade haircuts that are trending in 2021 and will remain in fashion for many years to come are:

Low taper fade

Usually, a low taper is perfect for business people and aspiring entrepreneurs who need a fresh and clean-cut haircut at all times. It is more subtle than other types of fades and usually starts at your ears and follows your hairline to the back of your neck.

Low taper fade

It not only gives you an effortlessly elegant look but makes you look neat and clean at all times. That’s because it ensures there is no messy hair around your neck or ears. Also, it is a great haircut for men with defined cheekbones and jawlines to draw more attention to your best features – chiseled jawline and more.


Moreover, some popular men’s hairstyles usually go well with the low taper fade, including side part, comb over, quiff, faux hawk, and many others. Low taper fade – The best way to look good and feel good.

Mid taper fade

One of the most iconic short haircuts for men is the mid-taper fade that suits all men and hair types. It is more prominent than a low fade and less intense than a high fade, so it will make you look stylish yet casual.

Mid taper fade

If your hair is thick and wavy, a mid-taper fade haircut will make it easy for you to manage your hair and reduce your styling time. Many young men are fond of mid taper fade because it is not too sleek or boring. Also, the best part of mid-taper fade is that it works well with all hair lengths and hair types. Get a haircut that’s not boring. Get mid-taper fade!

High taper fade

A high taper fade is quite a trendy and edgy haircut that starts near the top of your head. It is a perfect haircut to pair with voluminous hairstyles like pompadour, quiff, and many others.

High taper fade

Not only will it make you look effortlessly cool, but it will also act as a subtle frame for your face. Once you connect the high taper fade to your beard, it will make your face look slimmer. Make your every day a great hair day with a high-taper fade haircut.

Caesar taper fade

Caeser is undoubtedly one of the oldest and traditional short haircuts for men. It is the perfect haircut for men with naturally curly hair. Caesar itself is a cool haircut, but it looks even more fantastic when paired with a fade.  Caesar taper fade – A great way to give your curls some structure!

Caesar taper fade

Undercut Fade

In recent years, the undercut fade has been trending all across the globe. If you want a haircut that is stylish yet easy to wear, the undercut fade is a good choice for you. An undercut is much like the taper fade – It has short hair at the sides and back of the neck. However, hair in the central section is left a little longer.

Kensington Barbers - Professional Barbershop In London

So, what are you waiting for? Life is too short to have a boring haircut! Ask your hairstylist if undercut fade is right for your look, and try out this trendy haircut!

Afro taper fade

Do you have afro-textured hair? If yes, a taper fade is an excellent choice for you to keep them manageable and reduce your styling time. Not only will it help frame your face, but also make your features look sharper.

Afro taper fade

Also, an afro taper fade is a versatile haircut as it can be easily styled to look professional and classy or more relaxed and casual. Choose Afro taper fade and make your life easier! The choice is yours to make.

Bald taper fade

Do you want to know which haircut will never go out of fashion? Bald fade. It looks so smart and stylish that men worldwide come back to the bald fade again and again. However, not every barber can nail the bald fade. For a perfect bald fade, your barber will have to blend the hair into shaved sections to create a striking contrast precisely.

Bald Fade

Blowout taper fade

Are you a fan of old-school hairstyles? Blowout is a classic retro hairstyle. However, you can give it a modern update by adding a taper fade. Also, a fade will make the top section of your hair look thicker and longer. So, if you have thin hair naturally, a blowout taper fade is a perfect cut for you.

Blowout taper fade

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