The Best Men’s Haircuts for 2021

The Best Men’s Haircuts for 2021


Fashion is no longer for women only. Today, for men, trends are also changing. Whether it’s their clothing or hairstyles, everything is changing rapidly. Your haircut can reveal a lot about your personality. If you don’t get your haircut right, it will ruin your personality completely, no matter how well-dressed you are.


So, it is high time to keep your hair game strong by choosing the right haircut that will suit your face. Just like clothes, haircuts are not one-size-fit-alls. Every haircut will not work for everyone. So before choosing your new haircut, you must consider your hair texture, head shape, and face shape.

The Best Men’s Haircuts for 2021

In 2021, many new hair trends have emerged, which means now you have tons of options to choose from. However, with so many men’s haircuts available on the internet, it becomes quite challenging to decide the new haircut for yourself to upgrade your look.

10 Best Men’s Haircuts to look hot in 2021 and 2022

It’s high time to upgrade your look by choosing the right haircut for yourself.  Whether you want to go for mohawk, cut crew, or even the haircuts inspired by the classic styles, a trendy haircut will make your personality more appealing.


To help you choose the right haircut for yourself, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the 10 best men’s haircuts that are trending in 2021 but will also remain popular in 2022.  So, what are you waiting for? Find the best haircut for yourself and make your personality more attractive.

Crew cut

A crew cut is one of the trendiest men’s haircuts. In crew cut, hair at sides is cut short while longer hair is left at the central portion to give it a more stylish look. It is a classic haircut that will help you rock all kinds of outfits, from casuals to formals.

Crew cut

If you are an office-going man and want a fresh haircut, go for a crew cut without any hesitation. It requires minimum styling and maintenance, so keeping your hair game strong even in your busy routines will be easy.


What happens when a worldwide popular celebrity upgrades his look by changing his haircut? The haircut starts trending all over the world. The same thing happened when Zayn Malik and few other celebs upgraded their hair game with a buzz cut.


It has been trending since then. In buzz cut, you need to take it all off – of course, your hair. It is simple to wear as it requires no styling or maintenance. However, a buzzcut will not suit every man out there. If you want to slay a buzzcut, you will need an evenly shaped head.

Comb over

Comb over is one of the perfect men’s hairstyles in 2021. Whether you are looking for a classy or modern look, it will work wonders for you. It is easy to style and will also suit all kinds of face shapes.

Comb over

You will have to keep your hair extremely short at the side, medium at the back, and extra-long hair at the top for a comb-over hairstyle. Comb over hairstyle is a fail-proof one! For a more refined look, you can use a tiny amount of pomade or gel to keep your hair in place.


The list of best men’s haircuts cannot be complete without mentioning the quiff haircut. In quiff haircut, sides are faded while long hair is left in the central portion. It is simple to wear and goes well with every outfit.

The Best Men’s Haircuts for 2021

French Crop

It is a perfect alternative to quiff but requires significantly lower maintenance. A french crop haircut features a short length and a fade on the sides. To make it look trendier, you can also add a fringe to the haircut.

French Crop

Two block

Who does not love Korean pop music or Korean dramas? Many men are obsessed with Korean pop music and, of course, K-pop singers.  Do you also want to recreate their look? It can be easily done by having a two-block haircut.

Two block

This haircut has longer hair at the sides and top, whereas shorter hair is left at the back. Also, it is the perfect haircut for those men who love their long hair but want to make it more manageable.


In the past, mohawk and faux haircuts were popular among men in their 20s who wanted to look cool and edgier than everyone else. However, in 2021, the fauxhawk hair cut was updated with faded sides and long hair on the top.


The modern fauxhawk haircut adds more volume on top and brings the fade a little higher. Fauxhawk haircut -The best way to feel good and young!


One of the best men’s haircuts is a pompadour haircut. It is undoubtedly the most favourite haircut of men all over the world. It is pretty similar to quiff. However, it is the tiny details and the styling that entirely changes the game.


It is a hairstyle that requires a lot of maintenance and styling. To make it look good, you will need to apply a high-quality pomade or gel to hold the hair in its place. Although your barber will cut your hair in advance, styling will be your responsibility unless you have a hairstylist available 24/7 by your side.

Tapered haircuts

Tapered haircuts are one of the most loved men’s haircuts. They are versatile and go well with every outfit. The only difference between tapered hairstyle and faded hairstyle is that the sides are cut with scissors instead of trimmers.

Tapered haircuts

However, not every barber can pull off a tapered haircut with perfection. So, if you are planning to get a tapered haircut, make sure you go to the right barber. Great barbers, great tapered haircuts!

Angular fringe

It is undoubtedly the best haircut for men with thick hair. Many men in Kensington are already sporting this haircut. All your barber needs to do is keep extra-long hair at the top and sides faded. Also, if you love highlights, it is the perfect hairstyle to show off your cool highlights.

Angular fringe

Fringes are usually popular among teenage boys. However, everyone can add a cool fringe to their fresh haircut regardless of age. Let your hair do the talking!



Getting the right haircut can undoubtedly be a serious challenge. We have a team of expert barbers that can help give you the best service you deserve. If you live in Kensington, visit our barbershop for a haircut that suits you the best! No fuss – just haircuts that will make you look good.

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10 Stylish Kids Haircuts for your Little Man

10 Stylish Kids Haircuts for your Little Man


Long gone are days when every little boy had the same hairstyle – side part, comb over, or shaggy top. Things have significantly changed now. Nowadays, mums all across the globe are browsing the internet for the best little boy haircuts.


These days, even your infant boy’s haircuts can be as trendy as the most incredible hairstyles for men. Today, many trendy yet easy-to-maintain haircuts will let your little gentleman’s personality shine


With several trendy hairstyles for toddlers these days, it is pretty challenging to choose the best haircut for your little boy, no matter what. However, to inspire little boys with ideas and styles, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best toddler haircuts to choose from. These stylish haircuts for toddlers are popular and will take your little man’s hair game to the next level.

10 Trendy Toddler & Stylish Kids Haircuts for Little Boys

There are many cute kids’ haircuts for your son to experiment with, from the faux hawk and side part to the crew cut and undercut. We are sure that these cute and stylish haircuts will look cute on your toddler. Kids are adorable, but they look more attractive with the right haircut.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out the coolest haircut for your toddler to make his personality even more appealing.

Crew Cut

The crew cut can give a simple and classic look to your little gentleman. Like the adult version of the haircut, the sides are cut short while longer hair is left on the top. If your toddler has naturally thick hair, it will look the best on him. Also, you will not need any hair styling product to keep the hair in place.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is an excellent option if your little boy wants to have a haircut like his dad or big brother, as it suits everyone regardless of age. Choose a crew cut for your toddler and let his hair do the talking! However, if your toddler has fine hair, you will need to apply hair gel or any other styling product to make it look good; otherwise, it will look super messy.

Faux Hawk

If your little boy is already showing signs of being a trendsetter, you will need to pick one of the trendiest toddler haircuts that will help him stand out from the crowd. A faux hawk is an excellent choice if you want your little man to look effortlessly cool.

Faux Hawk

Just like the crew cut, a faux hawk haircut will work both for shorter and longer hair. However, it will require a little more maintenance than the crew cut. In faux hawk haircuts, sides are buzzed short while the hair in the central section is left longer. You will need to use a hair spray or gel to make it look spiky and chic.

Disconnected cut

Nowadays, the disconnected cut is one of the most popular little boy haircuts. With short sides and an extra-long top, a disconnected cut is relatively easy to maintain. It will work well on both curly and straight hair, as well as thin and thick hair.


Disconnected cut

So, if you wish to dress your adorable little man in trendy outfits, a disconnected cut will help compliment the stylish and trendy look. A disconnected cut will surely turn the heads!


Do you want everyone to turn around and ask, “Whose adorable baby is this?” Add a fringe or bangs to your little guy’s haircut. Whether your toddler has straight or curly hair, a fringe will give the haircut an extra dose of cuteness and attitude.



Do you have a toddler with curly hair? Let your little gentleman’s natural curls fly free with an Afro haircut. In an afro haircut, sides are either shaved or cut short while keeping the curls on top. It can be styled messy for a simple yet stylish look.


However, regularly use moisturizing hair oils or other hair styling products if you want the curls to look healthy and more defined.  Make each curl of your toddler look the best with an Afro haircut.

Baby bun

Man buns may have gone out of style a couple of years ago, but baby buns will never stop looking adorable. If your toddler loves long hair, but you want to make it more manageable and stylish, style it into a messy bun.

Baby bun

One of the most stylish kids’ haircuts is messy bun haircuts. A barber will cut the sides short while keeping the central section of hair long to make a baby bun. A baby bun haircut will look cute with any outfit from casual to formal. Also, it is a great way to keep hair out of his face while your little man is enjoying his lunch or going on a playdate with his friends.


Is your toddler a child model or performer? Choose a pompadour haircut for your shining star to make him stand out from the crowd. In pompadour, sides are cut short while long hair is kept on the top with extra length in the front. It will instantly give your toddler an extra dose of attitude and, of course, cuteness.


However, styling is where things get difficult, as you will have to use a high-hold pomade or gel to hold the hair in place.


If pompadour seems too difficult to maintain, a quiff is a worthy alternative for your little guy. It still offers a modern and classy look, but you can create it with much less product – pomade or gel.



A quiff haircut has short hair on the sides and back while longer hair on the top and the front hair is swept up. It will look good even without applying any product. However, if you want to give it an extra texture, use a tiny amount of pomade or gel.

Side part

Side part – One of the most classic toddler haircuts that requires minimum styling and maintenance. Even it is simple to wear, it still does wonders for kids with naturally fine hair and suits any face shape, giving your little man an effortlessly decent look.

Side part

Bald fade

One of the best toddler haircuts for energetic boys is bald fade haircuts. In this type of haircut, hair is cut short on the sides while medium length hair is left on the back and longer length hair is left on top.

Bald fade

This haircut is easy to style and maintain, making it perfect for busy moms and dads who don’t have time to style or maintain their toddlers’ hair.


Your little man’s first haircut is an important milestone that can be exciting and quite stressful at the same time. It is no surprise that many toddlers can freak out before or during their haircuts.  However, if you want to get the haircut right, choose the right kid hairstylist for your toddler. We have a team of expert barbers that can help give your little man the best service he deserves.

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All About Mohawks

In today's life you may regularly come across several teenagers with spiky hair. Especially, on top, in the middle of their heads. According to these teenagers, the Mohawk hairstyle is the easiest way to stand out in a crowd.

However, only a few people actually consider getting a Mohawk. Previously, men and women alike were increasingly interested in the trend, but things have changed. The reason is that not many people are aware of how to perfect the Mohawk or how it should be worn.

Finding a barber shop who knows how to correctly cut this style is also not an easy task. Yet, there are some that can do amazing things with your hair. Once you have the cut, knowing how to style it and keep the look daily requires some knowledge.

To make things easier for you, here is a look at virtually everything you need to know about Mohawks:

Is This a Simple Hairstyle, or Is There More To It?

It goes without saying the Mohawk is not a complicated hairstyle. But those who are interested have to undergo a major transformation.

The sides of your hair needs to be shaved off while the middle is left as it is.

The hair will then be allowed to grow in the middle till it has reached the desired length. This section of the hair is then used to make spikes with the help of products, such as hair gels and creams.

Is it a New Trend?

Now the real question you or anyone else would be asking is whether this hairstyle is the brainchild of the current generation? It is not.

There were several ancient tribes which were far ahead in terms of haircuts. They had already developed the Mohawk a long time ago.

Some claim the leaders of ancient tribes invented this hairstyle and wore it to reflect their authority. Others, claim it was the French who came up with this hairstyle initially.

Can Anyone Style a Mohawk?

The Mohawk is a fashionable hairstyle which is not always easy to pull off. Especially, if you are doing it on your own. Yet, it can make you look hip and cool. But, it is unlikely that this haircut is suitable for formal events.

It is more of a temporary hairstyle worn by teenagers and punk rock stars who wish to set themselves apart from the crowd. As for trying a Mohawk, anyone can go for it with assistance from a barber who knows this style.

Getting a hairstyle such as this depends on various factors. These include your face shape, the type of hair you have and the thickness of your hair.

If you do decide to get a Mohawk, it is important for you to make sure you get it from a reliable barber shop. This complicated hairstyle needs a stylist that is experienced.

Keep in mind the hairstyle should be regularly maintained after you have it cut. So, be prepared for regular trips to the barber shop. As long as you take the time to find the best barber shop in your area. You will be able to not only get a great Mohawk but also be able to maintain it for a long time to come.

The Mohawk is an incredible hairstyle that will bring out the adventurous side of you. If you are tired of the same boring old hairdo's, this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

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How to Find the Right Haircut

Some Things to Consider When Planning on a Makeover:

If you want to get a new look and do it via a new haircut, you’re probably going to have a lot of deciding to do, and it can backfire on you especially if you plan on taking a drastic move, like moving from long hair to a very short hairstyle.

Throughout this article we are going to let you know just what you need to consider in order to find the right haircut.

Know About Face Shapes:

There are a lot of different face shapes, but they always follow some kind of guideline.

For starters, there are those who have circular faces, others have elongated faces, and some even have heart shaped or triangle shaped faces.

Some hairstyles fit some types better, so you’ll have to do some research and determine what is your own face shape as well as what matches those types of faces.

Taking your Hair into Consideration:

There are a lot of hairstyles to choose from, but thinking you could have any style you wanted is an illusion. Depending on what hair texture you possess, different options will open up or close down on you, and this means you have to bear in mind if your hair is straight, curly and so forth.

What are your strong points?

This is something most people neglect as it may be more of a subjective thing and different people may have different opinions, but you should always choose a hairstyle that shows your strong points.

For instances, if you consider your neck to be one of your strong points, short hair might do the trick, but if your eyes are what makes men stare, then consider getting an hairstyle that frames them and highlights them even further.

Try to find out where your strong points are and capitalize on them.

Go Wild and Experiment:

Finally, there is no replacement for experimentation, and you should try different styles in order to see how they look for yourself – this can be quite daunting, but remember your hair grows back and that, with confidence, any style can be worn proudly!

Whatever you decide to do, just be sure not to do something that would damage your hair behind repair, as some procedures do: Like decolorizing your hair in a cyclic way.

These are some of the guidelines you can follow if you wish to make an informed choice, but it ultimately all rests upon your decision and personal taste.

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The Role of Art in The Cultural Life of The Mendes in Sierra Leone

The Mende ethnic society is located in the South Western part of Sierra Leone. The main occupation there is farming. The Mendes have organized themselves into kingdoms and autonomous villages and towns ruled by chiefs. The chiefs' exercised limited power because the secret societies there exercise greater authority over the political and social life of the people. The Mendes believed in God as the creator. They practiced magic and also believed in ancestors, animism, sorcery, and witchcraft.

The Mendes engaged in the production of various works of art. The visual art forms include sculpture, jewelry, body arts and textiles. The sculptural works include the Bundu masks, Sowie masks, Minsereh figures, and statuettes. The body arts included body painting, marks, and coiffure with various hairstyles. They engaged in weaving while the women spun the cotton threads, the men wove the fabrics on looms. They also engaged in verbal arts such as songs, dance, poetry, and storytelling. '

The Bundu masks and its parts refer to ideals of female beauty, morality, and behavior. It has a high broad forehead signifies wisdom and success. The neck ridges are signs of beauty, good health, and prosperity. It also symbolizes a moth chrysalis, the transformative stage in a butterfly's life from a worm to a flying creature that is similar to a young woman's initiation into womanhood. It also has an intricately woven or plaited hair that is the essence of harmony and order found in an ideal Mende household. A small closed mouth and downcast eyes indicate the silent and serious facial expression expected of new initiates. The surface of the mask is coated with a glistering black substance as a form of finishing. The masks symbolize the adult women's roles as wives, mothers, providers for the family, and keepers of medicine for use within the Sande association and the Mende association as a whole.

The Mendes also produced the Nomoli or Pomdo stone carvings, carved out of soapstone. The Mendes believe that the stones are the representations of the people who lived in the region before they came to the area and the people have a ceremony around the stones where they treat them as former chiefs and kings of the region.

These marvelous artistic creations were essential in undertaking the everyday life activities of the people. For example, the women wore the Bundu mask together with a costume of black raffia during the initiation rites of the females. The masks conceal them from the audience attending the performance. The women leaders who wear these masks dance to a song from drums during the initiation ceremony. They serve as priestesses and judges during the three years of the training. They serve as teachers and mentors helping the young girls with their transformation into educated and marriageable women. These masks are not discarded, but rather they are repaired and reused after each initiation ceremony. Also, the Nomoli figures were used for ancestral veneration. The Minsereh figures are used by the women prophetesses for healing and divination.

Therefore, the culture of the Mendes was cleverly and skillfully portrayed using the various forms of art. This shows that art is very paramount in the development of humans and as such is a powerful vehicle for unveiling the cultural life of ethnic societies and nations.

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Great Hair With Roffler Hair Care Products For Men

Roffler has been styling men’s hair for over 50 years. They have signature styles with a classic edge. They are the number one provider of hair care products for men and have been the leader in quality for decades.

The company was started by Edmond Roffler in 1958 after studying the European hair care and design. He brought it to the States and translated it to the American market for sale with clean fragrances and strong products. In the 1960s, they opened a barber college so that these techniques could be brought to men everywhere, and it is still one of the best barber colleges in the world.

These make men look good and gives the best in cutting edge techniques, which makes them so popular with men. You have a product that is easy to use and gives the results you want so you look good, smell great and have fantastic hair. This is good for men of all ages, hair types and styles to always look your best.

They have formulated the products with science to make sure that all hair types can be easily managed. From thick and curly to thin, these can make your hair feel great. They use the best ingredients in the world, and keep the line up to date so that they always offer the best products.

There are shampoos for thickening, dandruff control and color treated to help the hair look natural for longer. One will help greying and blond hair not turn yellow and keep the strands clear and crisp. Conditioners are meant for daily use and have them for normal, dyed and deep condition for the most damaged of hair. As a system, this keeps hair manageable and feeling good.

When you style your hair, you can us gels, glues, lotions, mousse and find everything else to give you the hairstyle that you want. The formulas are non-drying so that it leaves hair silky without any of the flakes when the product drys. You can style your hair with any product that you want, and have the comfort knowing that it will hold and keep your hair looking good all day.

You can find Roffler online, at their college and in fine barber shops everywhere. You can have the hair you want with this hair care line as it gives you a compete system for great looking hair that you can use everyday for the look you want.

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The Girl Guys Want to Date – What Women Should Know

When you find yourself dateless while other women are dating left and right, you will probably ask yourself “Why don’t guys want to date me?” Finding a date could be so easy for some girls but for you, it is not that easy. You cannot understand why you always end up dateless and don’t know how to escape from it. So who is the girl guys want to date? Here are some helpful tips to be the girl every man want to date.

The girl who takes care of her physical appearance. Although most people would agree that inner beauty is more important, you cannot disregard the fact that physical appearance matters, especially when making a lasting first impression. You don’t have to be a supermodel beauty to get the attention of men because there are many women who are not that beautiful but still enjoying the attention of men. Why? Because they know how to groom themselves. When was the last time you upgraded your hairstyle or your wardrobe? Choose a hairstyle that fits your face shape and your personality. Wear clothes that flatters your best physical features. But you have to remember that looking good does not mean you have to show more skin because you do not want to send a wrong message. You want to attract men but for sure you also want to be classy and respected. Dress appropriately and ask help from people who have a good sense for style and fashion. Although there are men who prefer women who are on the heavy side, haven’t you considered to at least shed some pounds and be fit not only for your looks but for your overall health? A healthy fit woman is more attractive. Practice good hygiene and always appear fresh. Upgrading your wardrobe and your physical appearance does not mean you are not being yourself but you are just making a better version of yourself. You don’t have to be perfect or flawless but the way you take care of yourself speaks a lot about you. Of course, the most important thing in improving your appearance is that you are comfortable with it and having fun with it. Take care of yourself and always look good if you want to be the girl guys want to date.

An independent and self-sufficient girl. Although it is romantic to think men as your shining armor, being too dependent will not work on your favor. It can be unattractive for a woman to be always needy and dependent on the opposite sex. A woman who is self-sufficient and has a sense of independence is more attractive and are more likely to be asked for a date. A woman who do not have the tendency to be clingy and has the confidence that she can still live even without a man in her life tend to have greater value in the perspective of men. Of course being independent doesn’t mean you do not want men in your life but being independence makes you more attractive, valuable and challenging. Most men naturally would chase for someone he can’t easily have and value someone he knows he can lose at any moment. Being independent and self-sufficient can help you be the girl guys want to date.

An interesting girl. Yes, you want to succeed in dating men and want to be the girl guys want to date but you can’t just sit there, depressed and do nothing while waiting for it to happen. Do what you love doing while waiting for that dating life of yours to flourish. Become a more interesting person. Go out regularly with your friends and family, create new friendships or expand your social network, create an active and healthy lifestyle, do something for the community and be a better citizen, make time for hobbies you enjoy, learn new things, acquire new skills and excel on your chosen career. An interesting woman can carry out any type of conversation with any person especially with the opposite sex because she has a lot to share and talk to about. If you continue to live a fulfilled life while waiting for your dating life to happen, chances are, this guy you are waiting for is just around the corner watching you and trying to figure out how to be part of your interesting life.

A girl who respects herself. Men may find it hard to trust and respect a woman who would sleep with a guy right away. Behaving this way, may make you more of a hook-up than a date material. But a woman who makes a man work for what he wants and makes him feel that he won her, has his respect and admiration. The way you treat yourself is a clear indication on how you want to be treated and what kind of woman you are. Do you want to be the girl guys want to date? Respect yourself and you’ll earn the respect and admiration of others especially the opposite sex.

A girl who has a positive attitude. This kind of woman is the girl guys want to date because she is jolly, positive and a joy to be around with. She’s happy and contented even if her life is not that perfect. She knows how to handle the imperfections in her life, does not carry bitterness and does not affect people around her negatively. A woman who avoids negativity and embraces a positive outlook and attitude is very attractive. Smile and infect people around you with your positive attitude if you want to be the girl guys want to date.

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Jewish Wedding Hair Styles

Silky straight hair is a dream of every girl especially for wedding, though wavy Jewish wedding hairstyles look more sophisticated. Wavy hairstyles are along the lines of current fashion. They look natural and exclusively elegant. Although, wavy hairstyles are easy to do at home, you can consecutively consult a stylist to have a neat wavy hairstyle done for you. It is very important to use a lot of hair gels and hair sprays to make your hair look extraordinarily fashionable. They will stay in a better condition for long. Extensive use of hair dryers and broad curling irons is a requirement.

Beginning with simply letting down your hair, you can give loose big curls. It gives your hair a romantic flair. You can even do side or center partings with French twist along your forehead. A high puff with half-up hair is too good to be wonderful. When talking about tying up Jewish wedding hairstyles, buns are a correct choice. Making a loose bun can be very attractive. It makes your waves quite prominent. Tied up hair does not look frizzy and messy. Indeed, tied up hair enhances your facial features and makes your makeup, outfit and accessories outstanding.

Also, half updo buns and floral buns give a more lady-like look giving your hair a soothing, natural feeling and fragrance. However, to be more innovative and enchanting in appearance, you can use ornaments such as stoned scarches and hair bands. A crown gives a bride a stunning look. All the above styles are a piece of cake when they are to be managed with long hair. Oh please! Girls with short hair do not need to get disheartened. The best idea for females with short hair is to use extensions. Added extensions will give your hair ultra thick waves. All the given hairstyles can be adopted by both, the bride or the guests at the wedding. A gorgeous wedding wear will also lose its value if a bride carries appropriate hairstyling.

Not just females, guys can also make Jewish wedding hairstyles at the weddings. They can wave their short hair or may grow their hair to shoulder length. Center partings look more appropriate in case of men. Brown or gray highlights in dark brown or black wavy hair look hip. It's never too late to take a right decision. So get up and get ready to decide upon the hairstyle you would carry this wedding to make it the most memorable one this year.

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Patrick Swayze Mullet Hairstyle

The late, great Patrick Swayze was a legend amongst leading men. Very few movie stars could do a corny romance picture one year, then turn around and put out a cult classic action flick like Road House the next. Swayze’s appeal crossed the gender barrier and, as they say, girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him. How’d he pull it off? Many theorize that it was the Patrick Swayze mullet that did the trick.

Swayze first pioneered this cutting edge variation on the mullet in the Ghost era. Superficially, the mullet is comparable to the Kurt Russel mullet as seen in films like Escape from New York, but in actuality, the two are very different. Russel’s shaggy mullet was only slightly longer in the back than it was in the front, suggesting an attitude that defined the Bad Dude image, but which did him no favors as a lady’s man, and as we all know, the mullet should be used primarily to identify one as a lady’s man.

Swayze’s mullet was much braver, much bolder, and perhaps the finest mullet Hollywood has ever seen.

What made that mullet so special? Well, just LOOK at it. In the front we have the Duck Butt style made famous by Elvis Presley, but in the back, we have a gorgeous mane of blond locks that are both shaggy and well maintained at once.

The trick may have been in the conditioner he used, allowing the hair to be shaggy, but not fluffy, shiny, but not too glossy. More likely, it may be some secret that Swayze took to his grave, a secret not meant to fall into the wrong hands. Certainly, if just ANYONE could achieve that look, the process of natural selection would be thrown entirely out of whack, with any old slob being able to seduce any woman he might desire.

Some of the world’s foremost mullet researchers have tried in vain to recreate this look to perfection only to come out with near-misses and far cries from the real thing.

Our advice? Experiment with different shampoos, tease the front a bit, and if you manage to get the look just right, then please, guard the secret with your life, and remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

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6 Tips to Make Him Chase You

It is not uncommon for women to chase men but still, most women want to be chased and pursued by men. So how to make him chase you?

Play hard to get. Men love to be challenged and they love the chase so play hard to get and make him chase you instead. Men value something or someone he worked hard for. Let him do what men should be doing, that is be the one who pursue women. Give him the feeling that he earned you.

Be mysterious. Spilling every detail of your life or pouring all your feelings is not very attractive to most men. Actually, this behavior could scare men especially if you just met or just started dating. Be a little mysterious and let him wonder about your life. The curiosity will make him chase you.

Always look good. Take care of your appearance. Practice good hygiene and put attention to small details like your feet and nails. Some women love to wear nice sandals and open shoes but sometimes forget to take care of their feet. Dress to kill or wear clothes that make you look sexy and classy at the same time but remember that being sexy doesn’t mean showing more skin. You can be sexy without revealing too much and besides, you do not want to send a wrong message to men. Choose a hairstyle that looks good on you. Take care of your skin. Maintain a healthy and fit body. Men are visual and they love seeing women who look good. Your good looks will make him chase you.

Have a sense of humor. The ability to make everyone around you laugh is admirable. Most men want to be with someone who has a bright aura. Women can be serious or dramatic and this trait sometimes scare men or they find them boring. So when a man meet a woman who is witty, jolly and with sense of humor, he most likely want to be with her again because there is no dull moments with her and she can get along with different types of people. It is not that this woman doesn’t have a serious side or doesn’t have problems but it just that she sees the brighter side, can still laugh and make others laugh despite the realities of life. This trait is truly admirable and can make him chase you.

Be a good listener. There is this common notion that women are big talkers which is an advantage sometimes especially if they are with men who are the silent type. But talking too much could scare men away because no matter how silent a man is, he still wants to be heard. A woman who knows that conversation is not only about talking but it is also about listening is admirable. A woman who knows how to encourage men to talk and knows how to listen is the kind of woman most men would like to chase.

Be smart and intelligent. If women are attracted to intelligent or smart men, it is the same with men. Men want to be challenged. Men want to be with women who can carry conversations with them about anything. You must be a person who likes to read, good at something or likes to learn new things. She may not know everything but she’s smart to show interest on thing he’s passionate about.

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