Short Cuts for Summer Heat

Aug 31

One of the most difficult things about dealing with the heat during summer is finding effective ways to keep cool. You can try wearing fewer layers, or carrying a hand fan with you everywhere you go. But here at Kensington Barbers, we think the best way to cool off for summer is to get a shorter haircut for the season. So, lose those winter locks and get one of the short summer cuts we’ve suggested below.

Buzz cut

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your hair won’t be bringing you down or keeping you hot and bothered in the summer heat is to get rid of most of it! One of the best things about a buzz cut is its simplicity. It’s a clean, timeless haircut that is perfect if longer hairstyles have left you overheated in summer’s past. Consider asking your barber to add a high skin fade to give your buzz cut some added edge.

Short sides and long top

The short sides and long top is a great, versatile cut that’s ideal if you have quite a lot of length on top that you don’t want to get rid of just for summer. The sides can either be shaved or just trimmed down, and the length on top can be worn in a variety of different ways, from swept back to messy fringe to curtains. This cut can be tweaked to suit almost any face.

French crop

The French crop, also known as the Ivy League, is a smart low maintenance cut for the hotter months. It’s short and manageable, with short sides and top with slightly more length towards the front so you can style it a few different ways. You can even leave a bit more length on top if you like having more to play around with.


The pompadour remains a popular haircut for summer 2017, and it isn’t hard to see why. This cut can range from a full pompadour to more of a quiff depending on the length you want. The pomp will help keep you cool by keeping your hair out of your face, and is great if you have a long fringe you don’t want to cut off but do want out of the way.

Hard side part

A style choice that is proving to be very popular for summer 2017 is the hard side part. Achieved by shaving a clearly defined line in the scalp, a hard side can be used to enhance almost any hairstyle and help give it a modern look.

Grooming your beard for summer

If you are getting a fresh cut for summer, then you should consider getting your facial hair trimmed as well, if you have a beard. Avoid shaving altogether as some facial hair can help to keep your face cool when the sun is beating down on you. You should definitely be cleaning and hydrating your beard throughout summer, and if your beard does irritate you, then trimming it down to around an inch or so in length should be enough to see you through till winter.

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