Tips For Fighting Hat Hair

Nov 8

If you are the kind of person who frequently wears hats, you might be doing so even more now that the colder months are rolling in, so you need a little more protection from the elements when you brave going outdoors. Yes, hats can be great, but there is one unfortunate side effect of wearing hats that has been hurting people for far too long: hat hair!

We’re exaggerating, of course. But at Kensington Barbers, we know how much time and effort you can put into your appearance. So the last thing you want to do is, say, go through the trouble of putting a hat on to protect your hair on a particularly windy day, only to find that it has completely messed up your look for the day anyway.

Here’s our top tips for avoiding hat hair:

Make sure your hair is dry

No matter how much of a rush you may be in to get out of the house in the morning, if you want to wear a hat but avoid hat hear later, then make sure your hair is dry before you put your hat on and leave the house.

If your hair is damp when you put your hat on, it then dries under the hat, going flat and taking on the shape of the hat.

Hat the right size?

One thing you might not have considered in the battle against hat hair is whether the size of the hat you want to wear is going to make your situation better or worse.

If your hat is too small or close to your head, it will be effectively suffocating your hair. If your hat is a little roomier, not only will it be more comfortable to wear but it will give your hair a bit of extra space, meaning your hat is less likely to interfere with your hairstyle.

Consider the materials

Whilst you are checking the size of your hat, why not take a look at the materials it’s made out of as well? Hats that are made with a lot of synthetic fibres tend to create a lot of static that can create an unsightly mess out of your hair.

Conversely, hats made out of more natural materials will create less static, and are often nicer and more comfortable as well.

The right style

Also, hat hair will be less noticeable on your head if you give your hair an intentionally slightly disheveled look. This can be achieved by brushing through your hair with your fingers.

Use the right products

If you can’t go without wearing hats and no matter what you do you can’t seem to prevent hat hair from taking over your head, all may not be lost just yet. Consider investing in some volumising products to use on your hair, as the added body will fight the flattening effect a hat has on your ‘do.

Alternatively, keep texturizing powders or pomades close by so you can inject some volume back into your hair once the hat has done its worst.

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