The Things Women Find Most Attractive About Men

The Things Women Find Most Attractive About Men

Aug 6

Every man wishes he knew the secret to attract women, whether it’s a secret gym routine or a certain special thing to say on a first date. The fact is, it’s a never-ending pursuit, and many men really have no clue where to start.

To help you learn how to better attract women, we’ve put together a list of the most attractive qualities a man can have. You’ll be surprised by what we’ve found, as many of these qualities break the mold of the typical stereotypes. Keep reading now to learn exactly how you can be more attractive to women.

Be Stylish

The Things Women Find Most Attractive About Men

First off, it’s probably obvious that the better looking you are, the more attention you’ll get from women. This doesn’t mean you have to look like a supermodel. Even the most average-looking men can be stylish enough to attract women.

One of the first things women will notice about men is their general appearance. Are you clean cut, stylish, and do you take care of their appearance? Even if you have more of a dad bod, if you’ve got a stylish haircut and trimmed or shaven facial hair, women will be attracted to that clean-cut look. That’s why it pays to have a good barber taking care of your style on a regular basis. Nothing is worse than appearing shaggy like you don’t care about your own style at all.

Be Approachable

Be Approachable

Contrary to some people’s understanding of the dating seen, approachability is one of the most attractive things women find in a man. Instead of appearing dark and brooding (as romanticized in a hundred different chick flicks), the man who looks friendly and approachable will get more attention from women.

Additionally, the man who is in peak physical condition may not be the one who gets the most attention. A recent study has shown that many women tend to shy away from such men, feeling either intimidated or afraid that extreme dieting and exercise would be required of him if they ended up dating.

And think about it. It makes sense, right? Aren’t you more inclined to approach a woman at the bar who looks inviting and not at all intimidating, as opposed to one who is glaring at everyone around her and looks like a super model? The same goes for women. They love easy smiles and a friendly demeanor, and you don’t need to worry about being the buffest dude there either! Be sure to make yourself approachable the next time you’re out looking for a date.

Be Selfless

Be Selfless

Another recent study has shown that a majority of women still prefer the chivalrous and selfless man over the guy who’s trying to be a “bad boy.” They want to see you being generous and kind over being a stuck-up jerk.

This aspect even goes so far that women will prefer selflessness and kindness over physical looks. They typically prefer a man who may be a little less nice to look at but who will treat them good than the man who’s super handsome and treats them poorly. And that should be a no-brainer, right? At least it helps to know that, again, you don’t need to be a supermodel to attract lots of ladies! Just be nice!

Work On Your Personality

Work On Your Personality

This next one should also be a no brainer. We’ve all seen those couples walking by, you know the ones. A completely average-looking dude has a complete stunning beauty draped over his arm, and you wonder, “How?” Why would a woman like that want to date such an average potato of a man? The answer is almost always his personality! (That, or he has a ton of money). But most often, he’s got a winning personality.

Women have always said how important a man’s personality is to them, and many claim personality to be the most attractive thing about men to them. A lot of this boils down to humor. If you can make a woman laugh, and we mean, real genuine laughter, then you’re far more likely to take that relationship further. Studies have shown that couples who regularly laugh together stay together longer. While this surely isn’t always the case, it goes to show that the men with fun, electric personalities are sure to be more attractive to the women they meet.

Be Sensitive

Be Sensitive

As people who are usually far more in touch with their emotional side, women love a man who can be sensitive. Yes we know, the stereotype is that men don’t cry. Despite that toxic take, women actually find it attractive when a man can open up emotionally and show them their more sensitive side. This includes tearing up at sad scenes when watching a movie together, or even gushing over a cute puppy or baby.

Really, women just like it when a man appears caring. Another thing you can try to better attract women is to get a dog. Besides serving as a conversation starter, owning a dog will show women that you have a sensitive and caring side to you. Biologically, women will think this means you’ll make a good father, and that makes them more attracted to you.

Take Risks

Taking risks is another thing that women find extremely attractive in a man. This could apply to anything in your life, from being a daredevil to making a risky investment. Now, a little risk taking will go a long way with women, as being too risky may actually have the opposite effect. Most women probably won’t want to date a man who is constantly risking his life for thrills, for example.

However, men who have the confidence to take a few healthy risks here and there will appear more attractive to most women. This could even be something as small as being willing to do something scary on a date with her, like bungee jumping or sky diving. These are perfectly safe and yet will show her that you’re not afraid to take risks!

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, it can be difficult to know what women are looking for in a man. Lucky for you, you don’t have to be a literal supermodel to find a lady! Some of the most attractive qualities for women are things the average guy can easily work on and show off, like being selfless and approachable.

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So next time you’re out looking for a date, make sure to keep these qualities in mind. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to stay looking fresh and fit, but it’s not the most important thing!

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