What Is The Best Way To Clean And Look After My Beard?

May 7

It is fair to say that, when many of us decided to grow a beard for the first time, we assumed that we could simply stop shaving, and that nature would take care of the rest.

In reality, growing and maintaining a beard that looks and feels healthy actually takes quite a bit more work than that.

Here at Kensington Barbers, we are dedicated to making sure that all your beards are cared for as best as they can, so we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to do to clean and look after your beard properly:

Use a special beard shampoo

If you think there is no difference between the shampoo you use on your hair, and the shampoo you should use on your beard, let us tell you now: you’re wrong.

Using a specially formulated beard shampoo is vital in keeping your beard clean and tidy. By using a beard shampoo, you make sure it is designed for its use and won’t do any damage to your facial hair, something which cannot be guaranteed with regular shampoos.

Washing your beard with shampoo no more than a couple of times a week should be enough to help keep it healthy.

Embrace beard oil

Using beard oil after you shower is a great way to give your beard a healthy looking sheen. Beard oil works by moisturizing, hydrating and nurturing your beard as well as the skin underneath it. Not only that, but beard oil can also help to style your beard, helping to tame the wild beast growing on your face.

Remember to always go for natural oil that doesn’t contain any silicone, as this may make your beard look shiny but doesn’t actually offer you any benefits.

Comb after washing

Combing your beard should become second nature to you, and should be an activity that you repeat every day. Combing your beard straight after it has been washed will make sure that you have the easiest time of doing it.

When it comes to the type of comb or brush you use, ones made of metal or wood are recommended over plastic ones.

Combing your beard helps it stay tidy and can also help it grow out into the direction you want.

Trim regularly

Nobody’s beard is going to grow out perfectly straight away. This is why it is important that you trim your beard, cheek and neckline, to help keep your beard in check and keep it growing in the style you prefer.

Visit a barber

It is important to put yourself in the hands of a professional every now and again. This is why we recommended that you periodically let your barber trim and service your beard. Not only will a skilled barber be able to give your beard a fresher, sharper look than you’d be able to achieve by yourself at home, but they can also give you more advice with regards to how grow the kind of beard you want.

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